BoxHotel in Göttingen

Arrival Depature


1. Outside view

2. Street view

3. Single Box 

4. Standard Box 

5. Comfort Box

 6. Look to the top

7. Stairway to the upper bed

7. Box with stairs

9. Look down

10. Sense of space

11. Sleeping area above

12. Lower part of the Box 

13. The basin

15. Modern facilities

16. Lobby 

 17. Coffee, tea and water

 18. Innovative charging station Lobby

19. Floor area

 20. Street art in the hallway

 21. Towels and shower gel

22. small towel and soap

23.  Bathrooms for men

24. Entrance sanitary facilities

 25. The BoxHotel



You can reach us at:
Weender Landstraße 3-5
37073 Göttingen, Deutschland

Du erreichst uns vor Ort unter:
  +49 551 63374858

Single box: has a basin only with cold water

  • We are located just seven minutes from Göttingen’s main station.
  • The Göttingen BoxHotel is located extremely near the city center.
  • The historical city centers is only a few minutes’ walk away.
  • A bus stop is located diagonally across from the Hotel.
  • BoxHotel is conveniently located next to clubs
  • Parking facilities: Public parking is available opposite of the hotel
    Campus parking – parking fee 70 cent per hour
    (free of charge between the hours of 7pm – 8am and the whole Sunday)


Please note the exclusive offers from our partners:

  • Café Barcelona offers our BoxHotel guests a special price for breakfast and lunch buffets for just €7.50.
    Breakfast buffet Mon.-Fri. from 9:00-12:00.
    Lunch buffet Mon.-Fri. from 12:00-14:30. Enjoy the meal!
  • Pro Office Coworking Space—As a BoxHotel guest, you’ll get a 5% discount on EVERYTHING!
    Innovative workplaces and a nice café are available to you and you’ll have the opportunity
    to exchange ideas and socialize with interesting people.
  • Sausalitos Göttingen – Get a tasty cocktail for the price of 6,90 EUR.
    (This shall not apply during the happy our).
  • EXIL club – BoxHotel guests will enjoy free entry to the nearby nightclub

You can find more information about current offers in our BoxHotel app.


Download the app here


Upcoming events:

  • Alpenmax – Weender Landstraße 3-7, 37073 Göttingen,
    Every Monday 59 Cent Party

Für Wissbegierige


In many cities in Germany, prices for accommodation are continually rising, the same goes for apartments and hotels in Göttingen. As a typical college town, Göttingen is flooded with hoards of apartment hunters every year looking for affordable housing in the city center. The search for a shared apartment often takes time, even though the semester starts on a fixed date, many students are forced to check in to hotels temporarily in Göttingen. Unfortunately, these places can be very expensive and/or located in inconvenient parts of town resulting in an empty wallet or unnecessarily long commutes. We here at BoxHotel have tackled the job of providing an affordable and practical alternative: a hotel room in a box! This includes a comfy bed, fast Wi-Fi and even a private shower in the comfort and standard box – all at an unbeatable price in a central location. Now, looking for cheap accommodation in Göttingen is a thing of the past. Reservation, check-in, and room access at our BoxHotel Göttingen all happen via our app – it’s fast and easy! This saves time and allows you to focus on more important things than looking for an affordable hotel that isn’t located miles from downtown.


We have chosen a building within walking distance to the university and the city center as our location. Cafés, restaurants and supermarkets are all nearby. We have a great location, even compared to others hotels in Göttingen. This offers affordable housing not just to students, but also to everyone who values a simple and good night’s sleep in Göttingen without having to pay a lot. We also represent a good alternative to the youth hostel since we are inexpensive but offer a private sleeping area. Thanks to our fully automated reservation, check-in and room access our BoxHotels can also be reserved spontaneously – another advantage over other hotels in Göttingen. Whether students, business people, couples, travellers, freelancers, or bargain hunters – we welcome every guest to our BoxHotel Göttingen.